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112 W. Belt Line Road, Ste 1
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

Nova Gymnastics - Cedar Hill, TX

Questions for Parents to ask the Gymnastics Club

  1. How much will gymnastics lessons cost?
  2. How often does the class meet and for how long?
  3. How big are the classes? What is the instructor to student ratio? Are there girls/boys in the class?
  4. Do I need to stay and watch or should I go run errands and come back?
  5. How do you show the parents the progress the children make?
  6. How does the gym communicate with the families enrolled? Newsletters, web site, emails.
  7. When can my child begin to compete in the sport of gymnastics?
  8. What is the appropriate attire?
  9. What should my child expect to learn in his/her first session and how can I monitor his/her progress?
  10. Is this gym competitive or fun/recreational focused?
  11. How do you decide which classes my child will be in?
  12. Is there a registration fee? Is this an annual fee?
  13. What is the makeup policy for the gymnastics club?
  14. Are spectators allowed to watch the class?
  15. Is there any type of open gym available to my child? If so, what day and time and what is the cost?